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Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning from Bi-Star Building Solutions keeps your office looking clean, tidy, and professional. Dirt and debris are easily visible on hard surfaces, but in carpets they slowly build up, undetected at first. Coupled with friction from foot traffic, undetected dirt and debris cause carpets to wear out and need replacement prematurely.

Save money in the long run and keep your carpets looking like new with commercial carpet cleaning from Bi-Star Building Solutions.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend that their carpets be professionally cleaned every 1 to 2 years, and some even require it as a part of their warranties. Ensure the longevity of your business's carpet by using Bi-Star Building Solutions expert commercial carpet cleaning services.

Bi-Star Building Solutions specializes in the following carpet cleaning services:

Preventative Maintenance

Prevent soil from entering and spreading throughout the building to prolong the life of your carpet and reduce overall maintenance needs. Industry estimates show that removing one pound of soil can cost more than $800, however, the measures below control soil before it enters the space:

1 Keep outside areas clean: By maintaining a clean exterior, dirt coming in the building will be minimized. Be sure to keep sidewalks and garages clear of dirt and debris.

2 Use walk-off tiles at entrances: Walk-off tiles should be placed at exterior entrances, as well as in transition areas from hard surface to carpet. Use a course texture tile design to brush soil from shoes in conjunction with a water absorbent tile designed to trap moisture.

Developing a Maintenance Schedule

Your technician must be established as a scheduled program, rather than a random series of infrequent cleanings and reactions to soiling conditions. The design of the program to the amount of traffic and type of soiling, both of which vary by area.

1 Identify traffic patterns: Assess the building layout, traffic flow and activities held within various areas to identify traffic patterns within the building. Generally, private offices will have light traffic; corridors, conference rooms and classrooms will have medium traffic; and entrances, main hallways and workrooms will have heavy traffic. Airports and entries to public spaces such as hospitals, malls and theatres are considered severe conditions.

2 Establish a plan: An explanation of recommended cleaning methods, and guidelines for each, are listed below.

Vacuum: Vacuuming is the most important element in the maintenance of carpet and overall appearance of the facility. Vacuums are designed to remove dry soil, which accounts for 85 percent of soil tracked into a building. Frequent usage captures dirt at the surface before it settles and becomes more difficult to remove. A quality vacuum is vital to prolonging the life of your carpet. When searching for a vacuum, be sure it is certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute Vacuum Cleaning Indoor Air Quality Program.

Interim Cleaning: Interim cleaning may be conducted between extractions to reduce the total number of extractions and renew carpet appearance.

Low Moisture Encapsulation: Low moisture encapsulation systems efficiently improve carpet appearance with limited down time for cleaning and drying. The cleaning agent R2Xtra, or another encapsulating cleaner certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval Program, is applied and mechanically agitated into the carpet pile, allowed to dry, then vacuumed to remove the encapsulated soil. In conjunction with scheduled hot water extraction, the low moisture method helps maintain premium carpet appearance.

Other interim systems: Other methods, such as the bonnet method, provide merely a temporary appearance enhancement because they only absorb at the surface and provide no extraction of deep soil. A spinning bonnet also may damage the pile. Bi-Star Building Solutions does not recommend the bonnet method.

Hot Water Extraction: Hot water extraction cleans the oily materials that vacuums can’t remove, which accounts for 15 percent of all soil. The frequency of hot water extraction should be defined by the maintenance schedule. If the carpet looks dull or dirty between cleanings the frequency should be increased. Proximity to areas with a high content of soil may require more frequent hot water extractions.

Trust your commercial carpet cleaning to the experts at Bi-Star Building Solutions. For more information on our commercial carpet cleaning services please request a free estimate. Or please call us at 615-547-2247. We look forward to having the chance to exceed your expectations.